Our minds usually determine how we think and act. This means that when we are anxious and stressed, we cannot get things done at the right time or in the right way. Being able to master our minds is therefore the best way to control what is happening around us. This is where the Wild Divine Program is said to make a huge difference in your life.

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What Wild Divine is all about?

The Wild Divine is a program that combines both software and hardware that uses lom technology. This technology is said to allow you to use your Neurofeedback (bodily reactions from neurological functions in your body) to control what is happening on your computer screen. Your lom will act as an input device that will use what is happening in your body to move things around, control their directions on the screen and so on. The major controlling force however will be in your mind.

The Wild Divine program has been designed in the form of a game or training programs lasting in sessions of 5-30 minutes. You will be able to progress through the various stages of the game by improving your mind’s ability to control your physiology. Only then will you be able to overcome the obstacles you encounter to move forward.

The system will be able to gather real time vitals that your body is giving out. These include Heart Rate Variability (HRV), Skin Conductance Level (SCL), heart rate, and even coherence. These vitals, which can be accessed in real time via your computer, will help you customize your relaxation, breathing and thinking techniques to produce the optimum results.

During your journey to learn how to control your mental state, with the help of the masters and guides within the game. These guides will help you understand the principles that you need to learn in order to proceed to the next step.

Products available from the Wild Divine program

A number of programs and hardware components are available under the Wild Divine training program. These include· The Zen Journey
· Return to the Sun Realm
· Relaxing Rhythms
· Wild Divine lom
· Wild Divine Grapher software add-on

Who are the people behind Wild Divine?

The Wild Divine program is the brainchild of a number of leading professionals within the health, fitness, and wellness sectors. These professionals came together to create a guided training program whose aim was to teach people how to control their internal states in order to achieve a balance with regard to their spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental aspects.

Some of the guides and mentors who have helped bring this program into being include

· Nissim Amon, a Zen master and monk trained in Korea and  Thailand

· Joan Borysenko, a yoga and meditation expert as well as qualified psychologist and cancer cell biologist

· Stephen Cope, a psychotherapist

· Sharon Salzberg, a Buddhist meditation expert

· Nawang Kechog, a former Buddhist monk, Buddhist meditation expert and best selling musician

· Dr. Andrew Weil, an alternative medicine expert

· Dr. Dean Ornish, a clinical research and alternative medicine expert and Nissim Amon a Zen Master.


Thomas M. Brod who is a MD Distinguished Fellow. He goes on to say that, the Relaxing Rhythms program under the Wild Divine brand can be beneficial for relaxation and self-regulation enhancement.

The program and affiliated games has its fair share of fans with over 80,000 claimed to have joined the Wild Divine community.

Pros and Cons of Wild Divine Program


The major con of the Wild Divine program is its hefty price tag. You need to have at least $397 to access all the relevant products while they are currently on sale. After that, the price tag for individual products goes up to $684.75, which is not cheap at all.


The program is customizable. By using the lom technology hardware to take your vitals it allows personalization of the coaching services.

The money-back guarantee is available within the first 30 days. This allows you to test the product risk free.

Product purchase advice

The Wild Divine program is currently on sale at $397 for all the basic products. The lom and the grapher are being offered free. Shipping is also free for now, as part of the special offer discount.

The Wild Divine program is available in two major versions: one for Windows and another one for Mac OSX. Be sure that you order the right one for your operating systems


Based on claims by Wild Divine trainers, the Wild Divine program helps you enhance your mind’s ability to overcome physical and physiological boundaries bringing about a balance to your spirit, emotions, body, and mind.

While the training program is quite expensive, many experts seem to believe that Neurofeedback is key to enhancing these abilities. The beauty of the Wild Divine program is that you can always get your money back within thirty days of there is no progress. For the expected results, it is worth trying for sure.