Building tactical fitness is one thing that’s difficult and complex. In order to build tactical fitness, you need an effective tactical fitness training program. Tacfit 26 has been extremely popular among people who focus on tactical fitness. According to most people, this is the best injury recovery and tactic fitness training program in the market. In this review, we try to analyze various aspects of this program to get a better idea about its effectiveness and efficiency.

What is Tacfit 26?

The training program has been specifically designed to increase your overall performance, and primarily on maximizing a pain and injury free recovery. It allows you to recover quickly after your workouts and makes sure your stamina and endurance are enhanced. In simple terms, if you’re injured for example when running, you’re able to recover faster with this program.

In addition to this, Tacfit 26 also helps you build a stronger body. As a result, if you are less likely to get injured during your workouts or day to day life.

Who Developed it?

This training program which was the first of its kind was developed by martial art and fitness expert, Scott Sonnon. He was a former USA National Police Team Coach. As well as being a public speaker and author concerning fitness, he also is an advocate in the combat against childhood obesity.

What type of People Use this System?

Tacfit 26 has been adopted by various law enforcement agencies, special operations units, fire rescue departments. Due to the nature of the work of these agencies good physical condition is a must. Most of the workers using this program believe that it reduces the risk of injuries and enhances their endurance which goes beyond what most standard programs in the market offer.

What are the drawbacks?

Not Comprehensive

Some people confuse this comprehensive program with a standard muscle building program. Although you can lose fat, and build a great physique, this program focuses on helping your body recover faster from injuries.

Dietary Guidelines

The dietary guidelines in the program are only available in the deluxe version. Thus, you may have to spend a bit more on the dietary guidelines.


Unlike other standard programs, this one has not been designed for everyone. It requires a lot of effort and stamina to perform these exercises. Some exercises require a lot of practice.

What are the Benefits?

Easy to Understand

The program includes both fitness and dietary guideline in an easy to understand manner. Some exercises are complex but the videos in this course are detailed enough to explain the moves thoroughly.

Money Back Guarantee

It comes with a 60-day money back guarantee. Due to this, you will have the peace of mind that if you are not satisfied.


This is an extensive training program that does not require you to perform exercises for more than 20 minutes each day. Although it sounds too unrealistic, it is completely true. The techniques employed by the author can show exceptional returns within a few days.


Low-cost equipment such as a dumbbell, medicine ball, suspension straps and a place to hang is needed. Otherwise, a bodyweight alternative can be used.


Due to the fact that it takes only 20 minutes a day, requires no specialized expensive equipment and is easy to understand makes for a great training program. However it is not a course for the beginner or those that are looking for a standard muscle building program, and it does require some effort to pull off the exercises. If you are looking to enhance your fitness and recovery time from injury and can commit to the program there is no doubt that you will notice positive results.