By giving the purihome X 1000 water high capacity, whole house water filtration system a try, you can ensure that your home is always supplied with clean water. This product comes from puriteam, which happens to be a large well-known company in this industry.

Flow Rates

The purihome X 1000 features are based on the vortech tank technology, which its makers claim can raise the numerous filters from the tank’s bottom ensuring high flow rates. This upward flow of water is said to significantly eliminate water channeling and therefore prevent filter blockages.

Six Phases Of Water Filtration

In essence the purihome X 1000 water filtration system has 6 distinct processes that puriteam asserts can comprehensively remove virtually all contaminants in water.

These phases are:

Sediment Filtration

This process, puriteam claims, offers a lengthy water filtration which most similar systems would be very hard pressed to achieve. This sediment filter is 5 micron and totally washable.

Garnet Filtration

This process utilizes an interior sediment filter together with a gravel support bed that facilitate for maximum and level disbursing of water passed through it, while also enabling high flow rates.

NSF Certified KDF-55 Filtration

This process is invaluable in the effective filtration of chlorine, lead and other common metal water contaminants. Puriteam also claims that this filter can also prevent bacteria growth and prolong carbon life by 300%.

NSF Certified Bituminous Carbon Filtration

This stage of the purihome X 1000 water purification process is said to filter any chlorine that might have escaped the KDF-55 filter together with light VOCs.

NSF Certified Coconut Shell Carbon Filtration

This phase is reported to eliminate the much heavier VOCs that can be found in untreated water.

NSF Certified Carbonsorb Catalytic Carbon Filtration

This happens to be the last stage of this product’s filtration process, and puriteam asserts it can effectively removes chloramines and chlorine byproducts such as TMS or HAASs.


The system will need to be installed by a plumber. So you should be aware or the extra cost for installation.

Some customers have raised concerns that this system is incapable of treating hard water. However, puriteam offers several hard water treatment options like water softeners, which you can utilize.


Like previously mentioned, the purihome X 1000 happens to be a high capacity, whole house system, whose makers assert can process a million gallons over ten years (ideally for the average household water needs). This ensures efficient removal of common water contaminants such as VOCs, SOCs like herbicides, benzenes, MTBE and even pesticides.

Excellent Clear, Odorless Water

The purihome X 1000 also comes with over 98 pounds of NSF certified filter media, which puriteam claims can greatly enhance contact time with water for excellent filtration results. This is invaluable in the disbursing of healthy, odorless and great tasting water that can be used in virtually any kind of household application. From cooking, drinking to even bathing.

Water That Is Gentle To Skin And Hair

Puriteam also claim that the end product of this filtration process is water that is totally devoid of chlorine. Which as most well informed individuals would know, can offer significant benefits for the skin and hair with regular usage.

Extending The Lives Of Your Water Dependant Appliances

Another major benefit of this water filtration system happens to be its unmatched capabilities of prolonging the life of water dependant household appliances like washing machines, dishwashers, garbage disposal units and so on.

Buying Guide

The recommended place is obviously from Puriteam’s official website to ensure the quality of the product. This product currently retails for $1299. This water filtration system comes with a ten-year warranty on all filter medias and a ten-year overall performance guarantee. Shipping is free within the US.


Provided that you are aware that you’ll need a plumber for installation and water softeners if you have hard work, the Purihome X 1000 is a very effective whole house water purification product. With its flow rates, types of filters, 6 phases of water filtration you can be assured that it will supply crystal clear healthy water. It also comes with a 10-year performance guarantee for peace of mind from the official supplier.