If your here then you’ve probably hear about omega krill oil, most likely from advertorial’s such as the doc oz show.

In our investigation we find out the facts to reveal if omega krill oil lives up to it’s reputation.
Most people watch out for their cardiovascular health and their body’s overall health in general, and if your reading this chances are you do too. Currently, the market has been rife with many products promising miraculous results and claiming to give the required nutrients to the body in order to maintain overall health. Few of these products work and many of them don’t make a difference at least not in the levels that the manufacturers claim in their sales pitches. However, there are some products that are defiantly worth a look at, Omega Krill Oil is one of them.

What Is Omega Krill Oil?

First, the Krill Oil is usually extracted from Krill, a sea creature that is tiny, looks like a shrimp and usually inhabits the deep Antarctic seas. The Antarctic seas are usually free from any pollutants and therefore the chances of the Krill oil being contaminated with toxins like most oils from fish that live in contaminated waters are zero. Therefore the krill oil is pure and has more heath benefits and an absorption rate that is 60% higher than other fish oils.

Another reason why krill oil will always be pure and contaminant free is that the sea creature from which it is extracted from, is at the bottom of the food chain and it therefore doesn’t consume any organisms that already contain mercury and other harmful substances. It only consumes plankton and it is a main source of food for other sea creatures like whales and the other marine creatures. Since the Krill Oil is pure, there is little chance of any side effects occurring after one has consumed it.

In the past, krill was harvested in the Antarctic for salmon aquaculture farming, as food for aquariums, as human food and now it is mainly harvested for extracting the oil. The Japanese have been harvesting krill for food which they refer to as Okiami since the 19th century. Many health benefits that krill oil has, has contributed to its popularity around the world and also made it a hot topic of discussion in health circles.

 Video – Omega Krill Oil VS Fish Oil? – What Dr Oz Says

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Discovered Benefits After Research On Krill Oil

According to research, Krill oil has high content of the fatty acids, Omeg-3, Omega-6 and Omega-9. It also contains Astaxanthin which is a powerful antioxidant. With such a combination, the oil has adequate ability to lower the bad cholesterol and increase the good cholesterol then provide balance when it comes to blood sugar levels. It has also been known to reduce the levels of triglyceride which when in high levels, leads to heart disease.

Apart from the cardiovascular benefits, krill oil has also been known to promote healthy functioning of the brain, boost the immune system, reduce joint pain and inflammation, improve liver function, slow down aging and increase energy levels in the body. According to research Krill oil is absorbed into the body at a faster rate when compared to fish oil. Manufacturers claim that Krill oil does not have a fishy aftertaste which is common with many fish oils. The U.S FDA (Food and Drug Administration) hasn’t specifically made any recommendations but ranks it as one of those dietary supplements that don’t require a doctor’s prescription.

Krill Oil Check List – Draw Backs You Need to Watch Out For

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• Krill oil should be taken exactly as recommended on the label or as prescribed by a physician. It is advisable not to take any excessive amounts or take the oil for longer than the recommended time.

• Patients who experience shrimp or fish allergies should consult with a doctor first before taking krill oil and at least do a susceptibility test in order to be well informed if there will be allergic reactions after consuming.

• Patients who are also taking any medications should also notify their doctors before taking krill oils to prevent a case where the medication reacts to the krill oil and causes a side effect.

• If you have a scheduled surgery in the near future, stop taking krill oil at least two weeks before the procedure takes place.

• Never puncture the krill oil capsule, simply take it whole.

• As you take your krill oil ensure that you still observe a healthy diet, exercise and continue with your medication if any.

• Talk to your doctor immediately if you notice any side effects occurring after taking krill oil.

• In case you miss a dose never take an extra amount to make up for the skipped dose.

• In case you overdose seek immediate medical attention by calling the poison helpline.

• Keep off high fat foods and alcohol when taking krill oil and maintain a healthy diet.

Research would suggest that krill oil reduces the risk of a heart attack from occurring by ensuring the heart is in good condition with the bad cholesterol levels significantly reduced.

Doctors have recommended krill oil to their patients and seem to observe tremendous improvements health wise. Krill oil has provided a lot of hope for patients who never thought their health condition will ever improve. When taken and combined with exercises and a good diet, krill oil works effectively and allows the patient to improve their overall health. Studies also suggest that Patients with developing alheizheimers disease can also benefit from krill oil due to better brain function which can improve patients memories.

Final verdict

Overall Omega Krill oil’s health benefits, natural ingredients and  support from Doctors make it the ideal supplement.

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