Unlike what some individuals might like to believe snoring undoubtedly happens to be one of the top, yet underrated sleep disorders that many people live with all over the globe. Sharing a bed with such a person who emits an irritating guttural sound can affect both to your mental serenity and even emotional balance over time. Good morning snoring solution is a popular method which we will be investigating in this article to see if it really works.

Why Do People Snore


Being overweight can trigger snoring as fat deposits around the neck can compress the airways of such individuals when they lie down, preventing effective breathing. On the other hand, some medication or even excessive alcohol intake can relax the muscles within the airway which triggers the vibrations that characterizes snoring.


All individuals who snore don’t do it on purpose, and there are far-reaching reasons why they do so. In some instances, snoring can be attributed to a person’s specific genes, where he/she might have inherited certain physical features that cause this sleep disorder. This in most cases is often the distinct shape of their airway or even an overbite that is characterized by a recessed jaw that narrows their airway.


Traditional Methods

To address all these situations, the medical world has over the years devised a plethora of products such as the widely popular mandibular advancement devices (MAD). Though they present a lot of discomfort to the user, are still widely thought to be the most effective cure for snoring.

Good Morning Snoring Solution

This, however, can now be a thing of the past given the alternative of the good morning snoring solution. This mouthpiece has been said to effectively deal with snoring without causing the discomfort of most conventional jaw displacement gadgets. It was developed by Dr. Leslie Dort, a Canadian Orthodontist.

Simple Test To Find Out If It Works for You – Video

Tongue displacement vs jaw displacement

This gadget utilizes a simple yet very efficient tongue displacement approach to deal with this sleep disorder in a comfortable manner. The good morning snoring solution has been categorized as a tongue retaining device (TRD), which essentially means that it holds the tongue in a forward direction enabling the opening of the airway. While at the same time stopping it from falling towards the throat, an effect that is believed to trigger snoring.


This gadget as its makers assert accomplishes this by incorporating a suction effect through a suction bulb that can be attached to the top of the tongue. Which in extension causes the muscles that are found in the airway to stretch and ultimately tighten the associated tissue. This its manufacturer claims effectively stops the vibration in the airway that characterizes snoring. This is a stark contrast from MAD gadgets that work by holding the mandibles or lower jaw in a forward direction to deter snoring. Which like most individuals that might have utilized MAD anti-snoring devices would know from experience, can over time result in sore jaws and even long-term bite misalignment.

Comprehensive clinical analysis

To determine its efficiency the good morning snoring solution has as would be expected been subjected to vigorous clinical evaluations. The journal of sleep and breathing (an authoritative publication on sleep disorders) published a study conducted by Dr. Leslie Dort (the developer of this product). The deductions of this study revealed that of all the participants enrolled approximately 70% of them positively confirmed that the good morning snoring solution was very effective in curing their snoring. Apart from this, this device has also received clearances from the FDA, EU, the Australian government and Health Canada.

It also is claimed that it depicts its viability as an appropriate long-term solution for sleep disorders like sleep apnea. Additionally, the company that manufactures this product, the MpoWRx health and wellness products incorporated is accredited with the better business bureau and has an A rating with the same. This obviously means they know their business and therefore have an excellent reputation for making top quality products.


Drooling and tongue issues

Some users of this product have raised concerns over its causing drooling and soreness of the tongue.

People with Respiratory and Sinus Problems

This product is also not suitable for people that might have respiratory problems such as sinuses and nasal polyps as when worn breathing is effected only through the nose.


Simplistic design

This product also integrates a simplistic yet extremely functional design which makes it very convenient and easy to clean. This also means it is less likely to break as compared to other solutions on the market.


Unlike MADs and other traditional solutions for treating snoring such as mouthguards or even chin straps, this product is reported to be very comfortable to use as it doesn’t sit in the oral cavity.

Versatility of usage

It can be utilized by individuals with dental work such as dentures or bridges.

A buying guide for the good morning snoring solution

We recommend purchase it through the official website goodmorningsnoringsolution.com This product retails for $99.94 and around $10 shipping largely based on your exact location. You can also opt for expedited shipping which costs around $30. The makers of this product, MpowRx Health & wellness products inc. also, offer discount coupon codes to their clients. Should you be living in the UK and Australia you can use “STOOPSNORINGNOW15” to access a 15% discount. For other regions, you can use “GMSS10OFF” to get a 10% discount. The good morning snoring solution also comes with a “no question asked” 30 days return policy.


Provided that a person does not have respiratory or sinus problems the Good Morning Snore Solution seems to be a comfortable and effective way to eliminate snoring. It may go to help even sleep apnea disorder. It has also been endorsed by regulators in the market such as the FDA and comes with 30 days return policy.