Totally equipped to make your muscles contract to an extent of 45 times per second, a folding exercise fitness vibration machine is famous for increasing bone density, improving performance, building muscles, controlling weight and basically maximize the results of an exercise regime.

Here, we help you take a closer look at the attributes and features of one of the more popular exercise equipment products from ProForm; that is the ProForm Activator V7 Vibration Training Machine.

ProForm Activator V7 Vibration Training Machine

Regular workouts are specifically designed to get you good results (eventually). However, if you work out with the ProForm Activator V7, the manufacturers claim you can expect to get better and faster results due to the machines ability to contract the muscles. The increasing popularity of this much-talked-about machine is attributed to the fact that it can be used while you are lifting weights. Since helps you plan out your workout modules over much shorter duration most customers say this makes it produce more effective results than exercising alone. The product comes with a 30 lb. adjustable- in- nature weight set and the intensity of its vibrations are capable of being adjusted; in accordance to the preference of its user.

The V7 Vibration machine from the company ProForm, who is primarily known for its innovating treadmill designs, comes packaged with the much acclaimed fold-away Space Saver. In the recent past, the company has made its presence felt with a vast range exercising machine including elliptical machines, exercise bikes, and weight benches.

Product Details

1. Foot controls

2. A slip-resistant platform

3. Digital console that has a 30/ 45/ 60- second timer

5. Pair of 30-pound dumbbells/ weight set

6. Vibration intensity choice of 35-, 30 and -25 hertz

7. Workout DVD.

8. SD memory card (8 MB)

9. Product Dimensions are 139 pounds, 31 x 35 x 48 inches

10. Shipping Weight is 142 pounds

Customer Reviews


According to Jennifer, a satisfied customer of the Activator V7, there were quite a few distinct reasons for choosing this product. She liked the large and slip-resistant base for all her workouts, free adjustable weights and the manually controlled MHz levels for the desired levels of vibration. After a few days of use, her clothes were much looser than before and her muscles stopped hurting her in the way in which it used to do earlier especially in her shoulders and wrists. Her chiropractor husband also had succeeded in resolving his minor knee issue with the help of this machine too.

Yet another review published by an American, highlights the installation problems faced by certain other users. As per Henry, who had purchased the machine 6 months back, it is important not to pinch the wire assembly located at the lower upright portion of the platform. He adds that it is important to go through every small detail in the accompanying manual and go about the act of installation in a patient manner; so as to avoid any glitches. The machine definitely succeeds in rivaling the other $2000.00 machines on the racks and its tri-planar vibratory motions offered better oscillatory movements than the machines in the same price category.


The platform is large for easier maneuverability

Foot controls are easy-to-use

The handles give a firm grip

The machine can be folded for storage


Although it can be folded up some users say it is bulky and took up a little more space than expected.

Careful attention to detail to the installation manual is needed to avoid glitches with the vibration machine

Is it Worth a Buying?

ProForm Activator V7 Vibration Training Machine is said to rank high in the range of products for healthy living seems to be a good choice for all health conscious people. The construction and materials of this fitness equipment seems quite sturdy. The fact that it can be folded and kept away until required is desirable by some customers. As per existing buyers, the product has managed to bring about positive changes in their health and lifestyle conditions. Coming at a competitive price, it is definitely worth a look by individuals and institutions committed to the cause of promoting good health.