Why let something in life hold you back if there’s a simple solution? To all the women out there: If you think you have to settle for your current cup size you’re wrong. Of course there’s the option of taking drastic steps and going under the knife. But think before you act. There’s risk involved and it’s not necessary. Not if you read on and take my advice.

We all know women are judged—and judge themselves—according to exterior details. For one of these challenges—the size of your breasts—I’ve found a solution. There’s information out there that could help change your self-image and how others see you in a very short period of time.

My Story

First up I have to say that I wasn’t greedy in this matter. It’s not that I always dreamed of going to the extreme and wanting a D cup size. But I think you’ll agree that for any woman wearing an A cup has a few implications. And I will be honest: At times—such as after my baby stopped breastfeeding—my breasts were so small that it seemed I didn’t even need a bra.

I’m a pretty confident woman with a successful career, a lovely family and I’m proud of myself in many ways. But if I’m blatantly honest the size of my bust has been affecting my self-image ever since my teens. Those negative thoughts affected me every time I had to dress up for a party or if I wanted to impress my boyfriend who luckily loved me enough and eventually became my husband.

One of my biggest dreams was to change my bust so I can provide him with something every man naturally wants. At times it was really frustrating; so frustrating that I avoided full-length mirrors as much as possible.

One thing that did help me through that time was reading other people’s stories. Knowing you’re not the only one facing this situation is comforting.

Luckily we live in the digital age and I was always searching for remedies for my predicament online. Surgery was not an option for financial reasons so I knew I was looking for a budget-friendly and hopefully natural way of changing this situation. I didn’t want to try something risky and regret hurting my body.

And that’s how I discovered Jenny Bolton’s Boost Your Bust. It literally changed my life.

Now, whenever I come across someone who is feeling down about their cup size I have a solution instead of just a hug to comfort them. And it feels amazing to be able to offer solutions rather than sympathy. I hope you’ll give this Boost Your Bust Review a chance too.

After all. Why can’t all woman be the best they can possibly be? I believe that goes for all aspects of our lives.

What is Boost Your Bust?

The best thing I found out when I did my Boost Your Bust review is that it’s not someone claiming to have a quick fix only for me to find out it’s totally untrue. I don’t believe in quick fixes and I needed a real solution.

Boost Your Bust is a book—which you can download in PDF format—which guides you through a range of solutions that all affect your bust size. Yes, it takes a bit of time and effort but after 35 years of hating—it’s a strong word but true—a part of my body I was willing to do the work.

The Boost Your Bust literature Jenny created was different from anything else I’ve come across because she didn’t simply quote facts about estrogen levels. Many claim this to be the root of the solution but I’ve tried it. Experience taught me that it’s definitely not the quick fix answer women want it to be.

What you do need is to impact your body in a range of ways that relate to your breasts. Jenny’s intensive research enabled her to discern what’s needed and then combine the most prominent methods in one process. Now she’s helping women across the world see physical changes in their bodies in a totally natural way. And I’m one of them.

Are you skeptical about what you put your body through? You only have to read through the components of the book to realize that this is a natural breast enlargement process that’s risk-free and totally doable. And anyone can do this.




How Does it Work?

Jenny discovered what a woman can do that will kick-start natural breast enlargement and it basically consists of these components:

  • Dietary information: What you eat determines how your body performs, looks and feels. It’s no different with your breasts. Through this literature on natural breast enlargement you learn about:
    • Which food sparks breast growth.
    • Types of food and supplements you should add to your diet.
    • How to use these food types in your recipes (and yes the dishes taste sublime).
    • The supplement we’re all after that makes our breasts grow during our teenage years. You can still benefit from it later in life.
  • It’s all about exercises: You’re probably already following an exercise plan. Why not add the Top 5 Exercise for Natural Breast Enlargement to your to-do list? These have to be followed and done at regular intervals. They will make breasts look bigger and affect how they grow. There’s also the Super Growth routine which has the capacity to spark growth of up to three sizes. It seems too good to be true but it’s not.
  • Substances to use: Apart from supplements, creams really work well. With Jenny’s advice, you don’t have to purchase this. She shows you how to make it yourself.
  • Dress to impress: Perhaps part of women’s problems are that they simply don’t know how to accentuate the right aspects of their bodies. This applies to your breasts too. I certainly didn’t know all these tips a few years back. Now I dress differently and it helps me show off my breasts for optimum effect. I love dressing up for parties now and my husband loves looking at me. It’s a win win situation for all involved.

You can see this is not only a scientifically accurate set of advice but it’s also budget friendly. With a few small adjustments in your daily lifestyle, you can do all of this at home without investing in pricey products.

It’s not even difficult to keep to the menu plan. It doesn’t require expensive or unusual ingredients. They may already be in your pantry or they will be available at your local store. It’s just about using the right ones in the correct manner to impact your body a certain way.

Perhaps it’s oversimplifying this but it’s true: I learned how to “eat” my breasts bigger.

How Long Does it Take?

You need to understand one thing: Your body is quite unique so your timeline will be unique. I was lucky enough to see results even faster than some of the women who have done a Boost Your Bust review.

In general, you’ll see results within weeks and you can change a cup size or even two in under two months. Some women start seeing this transformation seven days after starting the process.

But take note: You have to be diligent at it if you want the same results as Boost Your Bust’s passionate followers.

Here’s another piece of good news: Unlike some exercise routines that require hours of your day the Boost Your Bust guidelines only ask about 20 minutes daily. I allocate 30 minutes to this before I go to bed:

  • Working out the next day’s menu
  • Go through the exercise and massage routine

Then I get into bed looking and feeling great.

The Benefits

If you’re looking for motivation to invest in this here’s a list of benefits:

  • This book comes with a money back guarantee. If you’re not happy after two months you can simply report your experience and get a refund. So there’s no chance of wasting your money.
  • It’s a low-risk option since it’s a natural breast enlargement process. No chemicals or medical procedures are necessary.
  • You can work this into your daily routine so it becomes a lifestyle and you can keep on seeing the positive results.
  • No pain involved in this!
  • It’s so safe that you can even suggest this to teenagers.

And let’s be real: At such a low price for a lifelong investment, you know you’re getting the bargain of a lifetime.



Does it Really Work?

A Boost Your Bust Review
So do you want to know how I experienced this process? Knowing what’s ahead of you can help you prepare for this better.

First of all, I felt Jenny’s steps made sense. She incorporated different methods so I didn’t feel I’m risking my look on someone who simply wants to make money out of me. Jenny really did her homework.

Now it was up to me whether I was going to incorporate this into my lifestyle.

I discussed this with my family since it would implicate the food we eat. Luckily with the help of Boost Your Bust’s recipes, I could make tasty food for the whole family. My added benefit was that it benefited my cup size.

Next, there were some activities to keep to. I had to become diligent in keeping to a routine of massages and exercises. But here’s where it actually turned into fun. Important hint: Let your husband help with this part of the process; I promise you it will benefit your levels of intimacy. And yes, those exercises had immediate effects on how my body looked.

I wanted to have proof of this journey so I took pictures every other day. By comparing these images, over the course of a month I could see my breasts grow bigger. Pretty soon it was time to go bra shopping and I got more proof.

How Did it Help Me?

Here’s what this did for me: It transformed my life.

I started out doing this to see if I could look a bit better for my man. In the end, it benefited more than just that.

This book helped me present myself better in general. Looking better and then also dressing more appropriately—thanks to Jenny’s tips—had a ripple effect:

  • My figure looked better
  • I knew I looked better
  • This helped me exude confidence
  • People responded to my confidence in the work arena
  • I actually got the promotion I was after

This wasn’t because I grew from a cup zero to a cup C which impressed my boss. Take note: I work for a female boss and with many other females as subordinates. What changed was that I became more assertive which ended up in better results and performance appraisals.

That’s what’s possible when women feel better about themselves and this book can help those for whom breast size is a touchy subject.

Now I love shopping again, I can’t wait for events to dress up and of course, I love being more alluring for my husband these days.

Ready to Boost Your Bust?

I want to shout this from the rooftops. I wish every woman who feels insecure can read this book. It’s such a safe and natural breast enlargement process that any woman of any age can try it.

I’m glad I tried it because it affected all aspects of my life. And all it took was to rethink what I ate, how I exercised and which supplements I used. I can imagine it took Jenny a while to research this topic and I’m so glad I have access to it in such a simple format.

I wish all women can enjoy these benefits and luckily it’s available online.

If you want to be one of the lucky women like I am now—happier at 35 than I was at 25—I suggest you get your hands on this today.

Will you join the rest of the happy Boost Your Bust supporters?