Maintaining the ideal physique is naturally a top priority for virtually everybody, but more so for athletes who wish to effectively regulate their weight and fitness levels which obviously optimizes their performance. To this end Body by Boyle has attempted to address this problem. In this article, we will be looking into this program to see how effective it is.

 Who is it for?

There are persons that earn their living by being personal trainers or coaches to athletes or private clients. This category of professionals are always on the prowl for the right training materials or resources that can enable them to deliver the results their clients wish for. This in effect leads them on a quest to access a comprehensive repository of related information that can be invaluable in their professional endeavors. And this where body by Boyle online comes into play.

Who Started This?

Mike Boyle is the new Red Sox trainer. Courtesy Mike Boyle

This is the brainchild of Mike Boyle. He is considered an expert in the field of Strength and conditioning Performance Enhancement as well as general fitness. He was the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach at Boston University for 15 years.  Over his long and eventful career, he has worked successfully with a wide cross-section of athletes and private clients. He has authored several well-received books and even compiled DVDs that have effectively revolutionized the industry. Boyle set up the Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning (MBSC) facility in 1996. Together with other fitness professionals, he offers viable solutions to his wide clientele base.

What is Body by Boyle Online?

For those who might perhaps not be in the know, this is a program offers a membership to access a plethora of information to almost anyone that wishes to maintain and even enhance their overall fitness. Personal trainers that wish to access indispensable resources that can assist their clients to realize their fitness goals.

The body by Boyle online is an offshoot of MBSC and offers a monthly membership subscription which Boyle and his team claim grant convenient online access to invaluable content. Such as high-quality training videos and informative articles.

What it offers

Access to XPS Training Software

By using a system known as XPS training software, which Mike and his team assert to be the most advanced fitness training application available. It gives you access more than 280 high-resolution training videos that are stored in its database. Such content goes a long way in elaborating on the wide variety of workouts developed by MBSC.

XPS training softwareSit In on Critical Staff meeting at MBSC and Access the Latest Trends in the Industry

Body by boyle online members also get to sit in staff meetings and listen to talks and debates on the most effective methods of creating the best strength and conditioning programs. This membership also ensures that you keep abreast of the very latest trends in the industry such as the best fat loss programs and workout regimens that are developed for athletes.

Comprehensive information on effective training both for athletes and coaches

This website is also a portal to access invaluable content on comprehensive rehabilitation programs, injury prevention. Both of which can be invaluable to professional athletes. You will also get to listen to reviews and discussions on guest speakers talks. While also enabling you to sit in on discussions on a wide variety of common athletes and clients issues and the best ways of solving them. This can be very ideal for trainers and coaches who can access the right knowledge on how to manage their clients’ fitness.

Customization of MBSC Programs

Body by Boyle online, in essence, is geared for diverse fitness professionals like gym owners and operators, personal trainers and coaches and even athletes looking for quality training programs. With its membership, you can be in an excellent position to customize the programs that have been developed at the MBSC facility (which has been labeled as the top gym facility in the entire US by the men’s health magazine). To integrate them into your workout regimen or that of your clients. Some of these include Olympic lifts, agility drills, assortment movements, plyometrics and even ballistic exercises.

Convenient and Accurate Tracking of Training Progress

Body by boyle online also offers easy to understand charts and graphs, which you can use to accurately track the progress of your clients ( applicable for trainers and coaches).

Sharing of Workout Videos

Using the highly intuitive XPS training software you can also conveniently upload your own workout programs (videos) to this website. To effectively share them with your clients or colleagues that might benefit from them.

Content posting is an ongoing process

What makes these services more unique is the fact that all information and content posted on this website is ongoing. And as would be expected from a leading repository of fitness resources, all content is regularly updated. With the very latest workout programs that are developed at the MBSC facility. Which ensures that you can easily stay in the loop on the emerging trends in the strength and conditioning sphere. While also getting a chance of incorporating them into your workout regimen if you are an athlete or for those of your clients, if you are a trainer.


To efficiently imbibe the principles endorsed in body by Boyle online, you will need to peruse plenty of content, ranging from articles to even videos to access the right material.

Another drawback of using this website is the fact that there are no clearly defined workout schedule for the various exercises, which makes it not suitable for absolute beginners.

You cannot perform most of the exercises without specialized equipment, which invariably necessitates a gym membership.

Buying guide

It is important to bear in mind that body by Boyle online is a digital product and you will not receive any physical package. The membership goes for $39.97 each month, and you can sign up for it here This offer comes up with 60 days no question asked money back guarantee if you aren’t happy by the services of this website.


Body by Boyle online is arguably one of the best resources for comprehensive fitness content on the internet. Its relatively inexpensive monthly fees make it a very cost-effective investment that offers more than most other similar subscriptions wouldn’t offer.